El Akademia Masterclass 2017 in Marokko
Schnitt und Tonbarbeitung


Kunst oder kann das weg?
After Effects, Element 3D und Ableton Live für das Souddesign.


2008 I met Rich Gilbert in Berlin. He was playing some concert here in berlin with Eileen Rose and the holy wreck. For me as a guitar player was very interesting to see his technic and we decide to make a short guitar lesson. Also Lennart Lott from Berlin guitars thought it is a fantastic idea and so he gave us the possibility to make it real at „Berlin Guitars“…


Loganimation entstanden mit Cinema4D, After Effects und das Sounddesign entstand in Ableton Live


Dancing backward
Kamera, Schnitt, Compositing und Sound.

Entstanden 2006 auf der Innotrans für das Berliner Fenster.